Rain, Rain, Gone Away…

Rain, rain, gone away, PLEASE COME BACK SOON!

Since I wrote two weeks ago, we have had one day of rain, which barely soaked into the ground. Not only has it been dry, but it has also been very hot. The ground has become bone dry, the grass has stopped growing and is rapidly going brown, and even the trees are dropping their leaves in a desperate effort to conserve water. So it has been quite tough work. Last week we had 14 volunteers from Wigan Council. They were great, as usual, and helped trim some hedges and plant masses of bedding plants (donated by Moss Bank Nurseries). However, since then I have had the task of trying to keep them, and various other plants, hydrated and alive. It hasn’t been easy. I have spent hours watering, which I am finding increasingly boring! Maybe it’s good for my soul, slowing down and having time to think. But still tedious! At times I have felt exhausted and quite emotional as I try to prevent all my hard work from going to waste. This made me think of people who have to contend with major droughts affecting their livelihoods and potentially even their lives. So I shouldn’t grumble too much about my predicament, it could be much worse. Please note, I have been trying to conserve water as much as possible, and am not watering every day.

I am keen to keep the plants alive for several reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, for the patients and their families, many of whom have been spending a lot of time in the garden, enjoying the sun and all the flowers. Secondly, next Wednesday the RHS are coming to the hospice to judge us as part of Britain in Bloom. This is the first year that we have entered and I am very excited and a bit nervous. Fingers crossed. And finally, on Sunday 15th July we are opening the gardens as part of the National Garden Scheme. Please come along if you can.

NGS poster

Despite the dry conditions there are still some gorgeous plants to be seen. One of my favourite plants at the moment are Heucheras, and in particular Heuchera ‘marmalade’. I love the fact that the leaves are orange on top and pink underneath.

Heuchera marmalade

There has been an exciting development in the “Amberswood Wildflower Garden”… we have flowers and they are lovely!

Amberwood Garden

The flowers have come out in force on the hills, but not so much on the grit, which has gone as hard as concrete. I may have to rethink the grit. But let’s focus on those that have appeared.


Poppy Mix

I’m quite chuffed with them! They have definitley made all the hardwork worthwhile. Fingers crossed they will still be out next week for Britain in Bloom and NGS.