My Week in the Gardens

I finished my weekly 18 hours of work at the hospice this morning. As I reflected on the week I realised that I hadn’t actually done a huge amount of gardening. That doesn’t mean that I have been lazing around, enjoying the sun (and boy has the weather been beautiful up here in the NW). Instead, I’ve been doing various other jobs around the hospice grounds. These have included sweeping the car park, painting some faded trellis and scraping weeds from the cracks in a block paved footpath. Not the most thrilling of jobs, in fact very tedious, but rewarding all the same. After completing each task, I was able to see the difference that I had made, and it was good.

This got me thinking… I seem to be a very visual person. What things look like matter to me. I generally like order, although don’t tell my wife or she’ll complain about the state of the house and get me tidying up more. In the garden, I like things to be neat and tidy. And I notice details. I love to look at the beauty of flowers and the array of colours surrounding me.

Spring is a fab time as a gardener, apart from those pesky weeds (and yes, the horsetail has returned, only to be removed again). Flowers abound. This week I have especially enjoyed the tulips at the front of the hospice. They put a smile on people’s faces as they arrive and really cheer them up.

Tulips at front of HospicePink tulip

Pink and yellow tulip

They’re not the only plants that have caught my attention this week. We have some hostas that are growing quickly and yet to be eaten by the slugs. Their green colour is gorgeous and the way their leaves curl around I find enticing.


So despite not doing a huge amount of “gardening” this week, I have managed to appreciate a lot around me. And for that I’m grateful!

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